Thursday, December 14, 2006

Spelling Nazi

I love Will Smith. Years ago at the Ali premiere in Melbourne I was lucky enough to be sitting across the aisle from him and he actually stayed for the whole movie which was surprising. Don't ask me what the movie was like because I was too busy watching Will - watching Will.

Anyway, that aside, I have a bone to pick.

His new movie is called 'The pursuit of happyness'. I know it's not his fault but OMG!! every time I see it I get pissed off that Hollywood is plastering our bus shelters with poor spelling. Yes, yes I know it's deliberate - his character is probably dyslexic or something - but half the flipping English-speaking world already have spelling issues and most of them aren't going to see this movie to know that it's deliberate. Instead they will carry on in their happy-go-lucky phonetic spelling ways, texting utter gibberish and relying on Microsoft to get them through school.

Rant not over yet.

Today I was in a perfume store and all the shopgirls had aprons on with the cheery message 'its beginning to look a lot like Christmas'. Tomorrow you may see a news story about a girl attacking said shopgirls with a texta filling in the missing apostrophe. Who hits 'print' on that shit? Doesn't anyone check???

To break it down one last time. If you are abbreviating 'it is' you use the apostrophe (it's). If not then leave it alone.

Rant over...for now.

Even Google agrees.

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