Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Please allow me to be a little bit indulgent and talk about something that possibly no one else is interested in but this is my blog so...suck it up.

I went to the Kylie concert last night in Melbourne grasping my $140 ticket that said 24th May 2005 on it because that was the original date of her show and then (well we all know what happened).

It was a Monday night. I've got a cold and I was running around like an idiot all day so I couldn't really be bothered with the whole concert thing...but when she came out I actually had to fight back tears.

I realised last night that I've been going to Kylie concerts for nearly 20 years which makes me old but makes her older and she absolutely RAWKED! What a comeback...what an amazing woman and what the hell were those costumes about??

About 6 weeks ago my sister got diagnosed with lymphoma. She was sitting next to me with her little bald head under a hat and scarf. She's got about 6 weeks of treatment left and then she's got to pull her shit together and start a new life. I hope that Kylie inspired her last night. If she can do a tenth of what Kylie has done since treatment, she'll kick ass.

So thanks for coming back and finishing what you started Kylie. The costumes were dubious and, let's face it so are some of your older songs, but I loved them then and I love them now for all their cheesy gay-anthem glory. You are gorgeous and I truly wish you all the best.

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